evalesco yoga
an open letter

about my yoga teacher

It was five years after the death of my parents and existing in spaces that were littered with “wolves in sheep’s clothing” that I stepped onto a yoga mat. On my yoga mat I surrender to the soothing sound of the musical beats and the careful cues of a certified yoga instructor. My yoga instructors share their passion for the fluid flow of mindful movements and with them, I share my intuitive breath and uninhibited flow.
It is the fluid flow of vinyasa that releases my tension but it is wonderful instructors, such as Elyse P. that supports my soul. You see, I am blind and it is not often that I meet someone who is not intimidated by my limited sight. Yoga is a spiritual bonding that listens to the call of a visual world but in Elyse’s class, her students are guided through a mindful moving meditation that recalls the playful, carefree calm of childhood. In Elyse’s class a student will find a beautiful spirit that makes the hard job of teaching yoga look and sound effortless.
This beautiful spirit, who responds to the name of Elyse creates a safe and memorable space for her students. Her confidence as an instructor has kept me on my yoga path and motivates me to share a fun flow when I teach yoga to the blind.
With gratitude & joy,
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