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Evalesco; the root word in Latin means "to grow stronger". As people we learn, adapt and root down deeper into our strongest selves. Our mission has always been to help you grow into your strongest version both mentally and physically all while embracing it with laughter and love. And so, with this, we've officially become Evalesco Yoga!
We know, nothing changes your practice more than a teacher that cares about you and your yoga journey so much, it radiates across the screen. At Evalesco Yoga, your success is our success...and we're very serious about it even though humor and a general 'joie de vivre' is a vital part of each class.
Whether it's your first class or you've been practicing for years, all levels are appreciated, and equally welcome. Laughter may be the best medicine and when coupled with yoga, it makes for a practice where you'll find joy and fulfillment no matter your personal fitness goals.
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We primarily teach Vinyasa style where students synchronize movement to breath; flowing from one pose to the next.  Translated, the word “vinyasa”  means “to place in a special way” -- which is exactly what we do. Classes offer a variety of postures, intensity, and pace; where no two will be exactly alike.
For a cooler, more restorative class, there's also Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga incorporates the use of blocks, blankets, and other props to truly let your body relax as you explore more of yoga's meditation benefits. 
Our knowledge of body mechanics and years of hands-on experience allow us to cue precise corrections during each class and help you work on alignment, advancements, or to tailor something to address any pre-existing injuries. 
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evalesco yoga
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Evalesco Yoga provides you a variety of options to begin, or continue following, your practice. Purchase a drop-in Private Session, Group Class, or Class Pack of 6 (group classes only.) You can also level up your practice with a Weekly Membership that includes 2 Group Classes and 1 Private Session (with your choice of instructor.)
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private sessions

Curious about your practice? or the next advancement? Schedule a private class where you'll be guided through a 60 minute sequence tailored for you and where you want to focus.
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group classes

Enjoy an all levels (beginner-advanced) class! Want to practice with your friends? Or be a part of a new group of like minded beings? Join us for a dynamic 60 minutes. Class size is limited.
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donation class

All levels welcome in this donation based class! Unemployed? Underemployed? Need to pay a bill instead of paying for a class? BOOM! WE GOT YOU COVERED! Enjoy a 60 minute practice.
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elyse pancheri

Elyse is a 200 hr Yoga Alliance certified teacher with 7+ yrs experience &4,000+ classes taught. An open letter about Elyse >
"Yoga offers serious results, but it's not a somber process. It's a practice of love, joy, peace, and acceptance. I came to my mat in the 6th grade and fell in love with it on the first try. 20 years later, and yoga has been the longest and healthiest relationship I’ve ever had because it always meets me where I’m at.
It doesn’t matter if I’ve gained or lost weight, taken time off, or have been meditating every day. Yoga is where I find my power -- by being peaceful. It’s when I'm on my mat that I’ve cried the most and laughed the hardest. My mission is to share that joy with each person who takes a class with me."
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meet the team

genesee spridco

Genesee is a 200 hr certified yoga teacher as well as movement instructor for The University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign
"While working for years as a traveling performer, the mindfulness of yoga became my 'therapy on the road.' I find it important that in yoga and in life we come to appreciate and give grace to ourselves. If that grace comes with laughter, frank humanity and a bit of sweat, all the better.
I teach movement for BFA and MFA Acting programs at the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign. My primary research is connecting our mental/emotional responses to our physical exploration of character and expression. We could all use a little space for ourselves, internally and externally."
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people are talking

"a 10 out of 10...

Elyse is by far the most authentic, true-to-herself, instructor I’ve ever had the pleasure of taking class from. If you’re looking for thoughtful, anatomically sound classes with humor and pretty much guaranteed laughs you’ve come to the right place.

She's s able to match that enthusiasm and comedy with butt-kicking, safe, accessible classes. 10/10 would recommend!"

- Kevin W (Minneapolis, MN)

"fun and challenging...

As a total beginner to yoga and someone who has been hesitant to take an actual class, Elyse was so welcoming and knowledgeable! She made the class fun, as well as offered different variations to make it challenging for every level.

I felt supported through the whole class and felt empowered to keep practicing yoga afterwards! I'm looking forward to more classes with Elyse."

- Amelia Z (San Francisco, CA)

"artistry & fun...

Genesee's natural sense of how a body can move comes across immediately in her classes.

Add with that her love of theatre, and you receive an amazing surge of artistry and fun in every sequence."

- Josie H (Monticell, IL)

people are talking

"exactly what I need...

Genesee's classes always seem to give me exactly what I need. Her creative sequencing is so engaging and helps me maintain a mind, breath, body connection through the whole class.

Her classes help me work through daily anxiety and her fun, yet thoughtful approach to yoga is so refreshing"

- Jennifer G (Urbana, IL)

"it feels achievable...

Yoga has often been intimidating to me, and I've always felt like I needed to do everything perfectly. Elyse does a wonderful job of making everything feel achievable and creating an environment that is safe in which to explore and learn.

Also, she has increased my being called a 'biscuit" by about 600%!"

-Josh B (Chicago, IL)

"very personal service...

Elyse embodies the best balance of a modern teacher- rooted in tradition, knowledgeable in anatomy and hands on work, and still able to connect deeply with her students in a way that is unique to her.

From the theatre references, to powerful verbal cues aimed to enlighten, her class will challenge you regardless to your level of expertise."

- Taylor T (Atlanta, GA)

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